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The Story 

The LYO is a reusable, simply constructed facial visor. Not only does it reduce the chance of you spreading salivary discharge to others, but also others to you. LYO completely covers your nose and mouth. It is constructed in a modular fashion, allowing for an easy exchange of the visor sheet within seconds. We have been diligently developing the LYO step by step, and thoroughly tested it for daily use. Additionally, LYO is supporting FLEX, a club in the heart of Munich, which is currently suffering due to the Corona crisis. We are utilizing FLEX as a production and distribution location.

If you are interested in buying a LYO, please go to our Kickstarter page and select the perk you want.

The LYO in detailed view

What makes LYO special?

  • Each LYO is laser cut by one of our local partners in Germany, then finished and shipped in Munich. Thanks to our manufacturing partners we can quickly supply large quantities.
  • The top part of the LYO is made from 100% natural materials - excluding the rubber band, which is the same used in elastic waistbands.
  • To replace the LYO shield you may use commercially available plastic foil (ideally minimum of 125µm or up). Exchange is easily done in seconds.
  • LYO covers the entire face including your eyes. This considerably reduces salivary and viral discharge from you to others as well as from others to you.

  • LYO is easily customizable. Whether via stickers or spray paint - the possibilities are virtually limitless.
  • Each LYO comes with a cellphone stand, which reduces waste during the laser process. It also enables you to stay connected to friends and family via video conferences.


    Usecases for the LYO


    Of course you may also use the LYO in addition to other mouth/nose protection - this combination may be useful in various cases.

    Different LYO editions/materials

    We will produce and deliver the top part of the LYO (without visor or rubber/Latex) in two different materials, but with the same production process (laser cut) and strength.

    The wood edition consists of 100% light birch wood. We do not use any additives such as glue or artificial curing agents. Our items are produced in the South of Germany and employ local raw material suppliers.

    The original edition consists of Kraftplex. Kraftplex is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and emission free (DIN EN 73-1 certified). It consists of high quality wooden fibers, purely made from sustainable softwood resources. Additionally, the manufacturing process is without any chemical additives, bleach or thickeners. Each version of the LYO is customizable via spray paint or crayons. The wood edition is only available in our single perks.

    The included elastic band does contain latex, but if you suffer from an allergy, it can easily be exchanged for one of your own.

    Creation of the LYO

    LYO has been designed diligently step by step while testing dozens of prototypes, optimizing the laser setup.

    After numerous tests of each step and material, we developed a finalized version 1.0 of the mask. For mass production we utilize the capacities of laser product manufacturers, who usually create large scale holiday decorations. They agreed to assist in switching to creating LYO.

    Our timeline

    FLEX and LYO

    LYO’s history is intrinsically intertwined with the FLEX - a 28 year-old club in the heart of Munich. We have been meeting there regularly, discussing prototypes and ideas. The mandatory closing of FLEX was expected, but still hit us hard.

    FLEX has been closed since March 15th 2020. No guests nor revenue. Tobi, Flex’ manager, is trying to keep busy with renovations and repairs, though nonetheless, the closure threatens livelihoods. We decided not only to support FLEX with proceeds from LYO, but also to utilize the club location for storage, manufacturing and shipment. Several FLEX employees are helping us with these tasks.

    The team

    Tobi (born 1986), has been working at FLEX Munich and became the club’s manager in 2018. Additionally, Tobi develops video games and is responsible for the production, consignment and shipment of LYO.

    Korbinian (born 1980) is working on the campaign, the product design and funding. He is also responsible for distribution and partners. Korbinian lives in Munich and is a client principal at a technology corporation and actively participates in disaster control.

    Peter (born 1974) is handling design, development and prototyping. He is a self-employed developer and responsible for the IT infrastructure in several large beer tents at the Munich Oktoberfest.

    Furthermore, the following people are participating in this project: Max Zilker for film and media production, Elisabeth Maier for extensive prototype testing and project support, Mathias Körfer for product support, employees from FLEX Munich for the production and shipment of LYO, and multiple feedback providers from the medical and pharmaceutical field.

    If you have any questions regarding LYO, the product itself, the production or want to speak to the team, feel free to contact us at


    Additional information 

    Risks and challenges

    One challenge is the sourcing of materials. We are doing our best to make sure we have what we need, but during Corona there is always a certain level of uncertainty. Also, some logistics companies are currently closed, which we are considering in our planning.

    Long-lasting design

     LYO can be reused any number of times, you just need to change the potentially contaminated visor shield. The upper part of the LYO may be cleaned quickly and easily via soap or disinfectant. 

    Reusability and recyclability

    To ship the LYO we use paper/cardboard and other materials made from wood. The LYO (upper part) is made from wood (wood edition) or a material made mostly from wood (original edition) which is entirely recyclable. Sustainable materials The main material of the LYO is birch wood (wood edition) or Kraftplex (original edition). Kraftplex is environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable and emission free (DIN EN 73-1 certified). It consists of high quality wooden fibers, solely sourced from sustainable soft wood trees (FSC certified). The unique manufacturing process is done entirely without chemical additives, bleach or binding agents.

    Environmentally friendly factories

     The LYO manufacturing facilities are located in Germany exclusively. We value sustainable and ethical production, and dispose of all waste material in an environmentally friendly way or recycle it.

    Sustainable Distribution

    Shipment is mainly done (where possible) in boxes or packing materials made from recycled substances. We ship via a large German fulfillment company. 

    Something else

    We did not undertake any unnecessary travel to develop and plan the LYO, but used virtual meetings exclusively. Of course this was partly due to the current situation (Corona), but generally corresponds with our environmental attitude. Because LYO is being manufactured in Germany, no long and pollutive transports are necessary. We even source the materials from German production, which ensures extremely high quality environmental standards and avoids long transportation routes.